About BOXA

Welcome to BOXA Custom Cycles. We hope you will share in our passion for extraordinary bikes.

It started – as these things do – over a pint or two, and we got animated about everything on two wheels.

One thing led to another and we decided we wanted to build bikes that are interesting, quirky, British, and tailor-made.

Now BOXA designs and hand-builds custom cycles to order, currently based on a range of four retro-style bikes.

The delivery time for a Cartoon Retro is 6 weeks so we can be sure to make the sort of bike you have always wanted. We will buildĀ theĀ bike to your specification, from any component combination in the range.

Our aim is to provide cycles that are a little different; whether a tweaked standard bike, a retro-style cruiser, or something more extreme.

So share in our interest for retro, carbon, extreme, small wheel or big wheel cycles, and If you like what you see get in touch, or follow us at www.pinterest.com/boxacycles